10 Reasons Why Smart Men Use Electric Razors

what to look for in an electric razor

With cutting-edge designs and features to make mens lives easier, electric razors for men with busy schedules, sensitive skin or limited time have ceratinly become the grooming tool of choice.

They know they can count on their electric razor to deliver results, wherever and whenever a quick convenient touch up is needed. And, naturally if you are a smart man, there are so many more reasons why using electric razor is more convenient than a manual razor.

Here we’ll take a brief look at some of the reasons why we think an electric razor is so much more convenient…

1)- The majority of foil razors require changing of the outer foil at most once a year and the inner blades generally every two years. Some rotary electric razors may require replacement blades once a year. The long-term cost is negligible in comparison to a manual razor and its associated costs

2)- You will find most electric razors don’t require shaving cream. This cuts down on maintenance costs as shaving creams can be quite costly and is time efficient.

3)- An electric razor is portable and more convenient to use when traveling.
Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc5, Men’s 3-Blade

4)- The definite advantage of an electric razor is the lack of cuts, nicks and even skin irritations.

5)- Many of us may experience shaky hands which can make shaving with a manual razor a hazardous area when you are older. Fortunately the wise elders amongst us can safely groom themselves without worrying about cuts as electric razors are quite simply much safer to use than a manual razor.

6)- A good quality electric razor saves time and is simply easier to use.

7)- Depending on the look you want when grooming your facial hair, you may not even need a mirror.

8)-Electric razors allow you to groom your facial hair faster with less fuss on the occasions when you feel lazy.

9)- In comparison to manual razors, and electric razor lasts much longer, saving you a lot of money over time as you don’t need to be constantly replacing expensive razor

10)- For men with skin conditions such as pimples or acne, electric razors are the perfect answer is men will suffer less discomfort and fewer cuts. The electric razors of today are easy and convenient to use along with many great design features and innovations. Cutting-edge technology means they can provide closer shaves than ever before.

Georges Closing Thoughts On 10 Reasons Why Smart Men Use Electric Razors

While this is by no means the be all and end all reasons of why you should use an electric razor, the reality is they are simply easier to use. They are clean, ergonomically designed, they pretty much look after themselves, there is no mess to clean up unlike shaving where you need to deal with water temperatures, do you have a sharp razor blade so you don’t mangle your face and, is there shaving cream…

Cutting edge technology has advanced mens personal grooming in leaps and bounds with today’s modern electric razors, for me, they get a big tick.

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