6 Timeless Facial Hair Styles For Men

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young handsome bearded hipster man in the city

If you take a look on the current facial hair trends, you will be surprised to see that more men are sporting facial hair nowadays than in previous years. Mustaches and beards are springing up everywhere you look, including at the office, games arena, magazines, and let’s not forget Hollywood.

Although some styles often vanish quickly, most of the other facial hair styles are here to stay. Curious about what top timeless styles are in existence today? The following are the top 6 timeless facial styles that are here to stay. Here’s some great electric shavers to get that personalized look.

Clean shaven man

1. Clean Shaven: A clean shaven face is traditionally the image of the professional man. This absence of hair is actually a facial hair style believe it or not.

Being clean shaven requires regular upkeep; look out for the best electric razor for men, if this is a look you need to go professional. Did you know that 98 % of men appearing in the Forbes top 100 richest men in the world have a clean-shaven face?

Confident Business Man with Goatee Beard

2. Goatee: This is definitely one of the most popular facial hair styles of shaving beards and mustaches right now. They are very easy to grow and maintain. The timelessness of these styles have been around for many centuries, right back to the Roman Empire, and still loved by many to this day.

Many man wearing goatees can be seen wearing an accompanying mustache. A full-type is mustache which is carefully styled to run down into the beard on the chin.

In this case, this style may be referred to as circle beard. You can always groom it fully or mildly depending on your personal preferences.

man with close trimmed stubble

3. Stubble: This is another current popular shaving style. It is loved by most men irrespective of who they are.

Whether it’s a scruffy, just climbed out of bed, few days old look, or a carefully groomed, man about town style, the style is currently wildly popular with many men and women.

It doesn’t need much maintenance and often presents an appealing side of any man to women.

Old-fashioned man with a beard and curled mustache

4. Handlebar Mustache: This one is not as common as it used to be in the past. However, it is a timeless style that is worn by men who are true individuals.

A handlebar mustache begins from under the nose and then spreads out horizontally. You can grow it out to the length that meets your personal preferences.

The end of the mustache will actually curl upwards, and often be waxed into this curled silhouette above. One of our faves for true individuality!

Horseshoe Mustache

5. Horseshoe Mustache: This type narrows down towards the bottom. It is named like this because it shapes down around each side of the mouth in the same manner that a horse shoe does.

This used to be very popular with bikers and still is on occasion!

traditional style of mustache for men

6. The Traditional Mustache: This style has a name like this because this is the traditional appearance of mustaches we are used to seeing and men have worn for years.

It defines the classic earthy, natural masculine elements of a man.

Creatively Styled Facial Hair Says This Is Me

handlebar mustache

Facial hair is perfect for allowing men to express who they are, and for giving them the option of highlighting certain facial features, enabling men to express their individuality in the way they shave.

You may need to try out different facial hair styles before you choose the right one to suit you…

And obviously you need to choose a good razor for to get the style you want.

Finding a good shaver may be tough if you haven’t had much experience in the shaving game. Go online and you will find tons of electric razor reviews. Take the time to read some of those reviews and choose the one that suits you most.

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