Buyers Guide To Choosing The Best Electric Razor

Long before the invention of the best electric razors men conveniently use today, people discover they could use two shells to effectively grip and pull out hairs, and others struggled with water and a roughly sharpened tool. Around 3000 BC, copper tools were introduced and improvised razors created from copper were invented. Around the fourth century BC, the mighty Alexander the Great decreed all  soldiers must shave, so enemies could not gain an advantage by grabbing his soldiers beards during combat. He is rumored to have preferred to tidy “shaved” look.

The 2 Types Of Based Electric Razors: Rotary and Foil Razors

Modern day electric razors consist of either rotating (Rotary Razor) or oscillating (Foil Shaver) set of blades. These extremely sharp blades are safely enclosed behind a wafer thin metal screen which is punctured with holes or slits. These holes or slits capture and push the hairs through so they come into contact with the blades behind so that they are immediately cut off. In both razors styles , the “metal screen” serves to safely protect the skin from the very sharp, and rapidly moving blades.

Foil Razors: The best electric razors are made up a series of blades in linear form. These linear blades shave in left to right and up and down movements. Foil razors are the perfect electric razor for cutting those short and fine hairs, for shaving the flatter areas of the face such as the cheekbones and throat as well as being the perfect tool for styling facial hair with the often included beard trimmer. 

Rotary Razors: Rotary Razors are generally composed of 3 circular cutting heads in a triangular structure. Shaving is performed by slowly moving the razor in a circular motion. For some men, this may take a little practice to develop an effective shaving pattern. Rotary razors are best for cutting the thicker and longer hairs, and accessing the more curvy areas of the face for a smooth, lasting shave.

Which Electric Razor Do You Choose?

If you have had the advantage of using a particular brand and type of electric razor, and you have had a good experience with that electric razor, then it is natural you should want to stay with that brand. Especially so, if your skin has reacted well to that method of shaving and you have been happy with the electric razors performance over time.

Check Out Reviews- What Do Others Say?

What if you don’t have any experience with the best electric razor? In our experience we have found it a good idea to read electric razor reviews and consumer feedback on the particular razor, in order to get a feel for the razor you may have chosen to buy…You can visit the best 7 electric shavers for here…

During your research, be aware that it’s not a good idea to pass judgment on any particular electric razor until they have been used for at least a month. Why, you ask?

It Takes Time To Get Used To A New Unit

It’s quite simple really. In the majority of cases, it does take time for the skin to adjust to the new shaving method, whether you are using a different style or brand of electric razor, or, it’s your first time in using an electric razor. It may also take some time to develop your own usage style best suited to shave your facial hair, which in turn enables you to get comfortable with a new shaver.

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Best Electric Razor Specifications To Consider

  • Dry or Wet Shaving– this is an important feature especially if you prefer to shave while taking a shower. You must consider if the electric razor supports wet/dry functionality.
  • Cutting Performance- Preferably the electric razor runs greater than or equal to 10,000 RPM -(revolutions per minute)
  • Auto Cleaning and Charging System- many of the best electric razors come with their own auto cleaning and charging dock. The benefits of an auto cleaning-charging dock mean you don’t have to maintain either proper hygiene nor the battery power of the razor as it is done automatically. Typically, these electric razors require a small space on the bathroom benchtop and there is a small ongoing cost for replacing cleaning cartridges.
  • Rechargeable- The majority of the best electric shavers are now rechargeable

What To Look For In The Best Electric Razor Reviews…

Consider reading the experts advice. The best electric razor experts know their products inside out and their opinions and advice are worth reading.


The best electric razors can range anywhere from $30 to upwards of $300 plus. You should decide on a budget that is going to work for you and consider its long-term costs. When considering the long-term costs, consider also the cost of the alternatives. Buying the most expensive and the best electric razor does not always guarantee the utmost quality in the electric razors market. Make sure you do your research!

Maintenance Costs

Before buying the best electric razor, it’s a good idea to check how often you may need to replace its blades and the cost of such replacements. While cleaning cartridges are not overly expensive, you would be wise to know they are easily available for replacement and what their costs are.

Electric Razor Portability

If you travel a lot, it’s a good idea to consider how travel friendly the best electric razor is. While this is not important to everybody, there may be occasions when you need to travel and take an electric razor along. Many razors do come with a travel case. A point to consider is how long the razors battery will last between recharges. That way, there is no need to carry the extra weight of the auto cleaning and charging system during short trips.

More Information On The Best Electric Razor

Manual razors will still offer the closest of close shaves. Don’t expect the perfect shave after using electric razor for only a handful of times.

The benefits of using the best electric razor over a hand-held razor are many over time, you will not experience bleeding cuts or nicks, you have the benefit of shaving anywhere, little to no skin irritation, plus you will save time. You will even save water!

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